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    This is - what I imagine - what goes through Aiden’s mind when he falls out of a car and immediately goes for his phone after getting back up.

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    if i ever don’t reblog this assume i’m dead

    Remember that this game was supposed to be educational.

    Omg what did I just watch? *watchesitagain*

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  • Pre-game vs. Post-game.

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    How much do you hate Troy Baker?

    "A lot. No one should be that smart, talented, and attractive. It’s sick really."

    -Neil Druckmann, Creative Director.

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  • What's odd?

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    My Tumblr Crushes:
    1. yamelmegames
    2. captaindadam
    3. itsomegamega
    4. legend-ofkatie
    5. the-ackerman-queen
    6. ed-e-mylove
    7. virmiired
    8. morgenfoffer
    9. iris-sempi

    Good night, tumblr. I’ll leave you with some amazing blogs to check out!

    best tumblr friend award goes to Cody, y’all.

    • Some casual : why you wearin make up you're playin video games
    • Me: gotta look good for snake
    Crucible matches.

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